The capital of Thailand has emerged as one of the most modern city in the World with great shopping and entertainment of all kinds.

“One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble,
My third trip, and I must say it gets better every time. Everywhere one looks, there is a “Miss Thailand” just waiting to be a companion for the evening.

I have not traveled as extensively as you, but I would find it hard to believe that there are more beautiful creatures anywhere on this earth–especially if one likes their women petite, winsome, and exotic. The Go-Go bars of Bangkok have an atmosphere and intensity that I have not seen anyplace else. I wish I could import it back here to the states. I was joined on this trip by two, first time Bangkok visitors. A lot of my enjoyment came from just watching them savor the atmosphere which I had told them about. We decided that it was impossible to impart the full flavor of Thailand without seeing, hearing, and feeling it in the flesh.

My impressions of BKK on this trip compared to my last, 3 years ago are:

  • The traffic and pollution is possibly a little improved, but still bad.
  • The Thai people have not lost any of their smiles, charm, or helpfullness.
  • The Thai women are even more beautiful!
  • The cost of food, hotels, and entertainment have not increased in 5 years and still remain a good bargain.

My visit (entertainment wise at least) was centered around the Patpong and Nana Plaza areas. We stayed at the Wall Street Inn which is just off of Patpong and found it everything a small hotel needs to be. Cost was about $55/night and guests were never a problem. The big, fancy hotels still bar guests and can run over $200 per night. The 24 hour coffe shop/dining room is managed by a “Burt Reiter”, a transplanted Brooklyn-ite, who is more than happy to fill you in on all the goings on in BKK. Wall Street Inn 37.20-24 Soi Surawongse Plaza Surawongse Rd. Bangrak, Bangkok.

Patpong remains as it use to be with a couple of notable exceptions. First, the Kings Group now seems to own/manage about 10-12 of the Go-Go bars. Actually, I find this good as I believe they run the best, most honest bars in Bangkok. The street touts promising all kinds of carnal delights in the “upstairs” bars are all over. But since the Kings Group runs two of these (Queens Castle I & II) there is no need to get ripped off in one of the off-brand places. Drinks with the show in Queen’s Castle I & II are only marginally more than the street level places. Seeing the “shows” and all the impossible things a woman can do with her anatomy is like visiting the temples….seen one, you’ve seen them all.

King’s Corner and King’s Castle II are my favorite Go-Go bars. In my opinion, their dancers top the list. However, there are real jewels in every bar. The Patpong girls seem to be the most “Westernized” of the girls in Bangkok. There is no need to venture off Patpong I & II to some of the outlying bars, as their quality seems to drop while their prices don’t. They are a little quieter though. It’s really hard to go wrong here as all the places are great! Be prepared however, to pay the price. Bar Fines are $350 baht ($14) and a “short time” usually runs 1500 baht ($60) in your hotel if convenient, or a short time place (200 baht/$8) if not.

A few Patpong observations:

  • The great “Superstars” bar is undergoing renovation.
  • A number of extremely beautiful, mixed (European/Thai) girls are starting to show (!!!)
  • The popular bars get packed by 8:30 pm and girls start to disappear shortly. By midnight, the best bars will have lost over half of their dancers.

One of the items that continues to surprise me about the Thai women is their size. Up on stage, in a group, they look normal. When they come down to you, even in their very high heels, they are TINY! One girl I “bought out” weighed 40 kilos or just over 80 pounds! This same girl almost refused to allow me to take her picture as she claimed she was “too big, fat, and too old” ! She was the most ravashing 28 year old these eyes have ever seen! True “spinners”, every one of them.

We visited Nana Plaza to meet another friend who is an old time Bangkok visitor (4 times a year the lucky devil) who swears by that place. There are many advantages to Nana in addtion to the more laid back atmosphere. The buy out is 300 baht ($12) and the price is 500/700 baht ($20/$32) for short/long time. Hollywood is the top bar in Nana right now by far and is packed by 8:30. I found a number of jewels at Nana Plaza. One could easily go and stay put for a week as my friend does. Hotels in the area, Nana Hotel and Dynasty Inn, charge about $35 per night which is also less than Patpong. In general, Patpong girls are more westernized and overall more attractive. However, if you are a little selective, you can find just as attractive girls at Nana.

In addition, the Nana girls will probably have a little better attitude (it varies) and are less pushy. I would rate the Patpong girls at 8-10’s and the Nana girls at 5-9’s. One should remember that a Thai bar girl rating a 5 would probably rate a 9 here in the states in most bars! One negative thing I found though, at the Nana I occassionally ran into a bar girl who was “on something” and really laid back. Not my idea of a good time. A Nana area base would have to be seriously considered for my next visit, but I’d still insist upon a night or two in Patpong.

I did try checking out Maxim’s down from Nana as well as the Ambassador Club. Maxim’s dosen’t have anything to recommend it from my visit, except some quiet, that one can’t get in the Nana. The Ambassador Club wasn’t open, but I did notice a sign that said drinks were 100 Baht, about twice that of Nana. The bar girls love to see and be with Americans as you have mentioned. They get hassled too much by many of the other nationalities! They really return all the attention if you treat them with a good attitude, behavior, and courtesy.

One thing I’ll never forget from this trip is my last night. I had specifically sought out one of the “Miss Thailands” I had spotted the previous evening and spent my last entertainment money on her. Afterwards, I returned to the bar of my previous night’s carnal delights and ran into my “Sweetie” from the last night. Well, she just insisted about 1:00 am that we return to my hotel. When I explained about no $$$, she replied, “No plo-blem, you fl-end, you no pay!”. I am sure it’s not a first, but getting a freebie from a beautiful Patpong bar girl ranks way up there on my list! It also filled the time until my 5:00 am taxi to the airport.

We hit one of the massage parlors one night, as I felt it was an experience not to be missed by my first timer friends. I was a little disappointed in that I didn’t think the selection at this parlor was as good as previously, and I know the number of girls was down significantly. I don’t know if this is across the board in all of the large parlors or not. The numbers and quality at Patpong and Nana were not down!

While visiting the Nana we made the walk up to the Therme Coffeshop one night about 12:30 am. The Therme is EVERYTHING that everyone has ever written about it. Besides being jammed, there were companions available from perhaps 16 to 60 years old! Prices start at 300 baht, but 500 baht is the norm. This sidetrip should not be missed! Our problem was keeping our hands off of the bar girls long enough to wait until the Therme opened at midnight. I have never seen such an eclectic, wild, wierd group of people in my life as I did at the Therme! This place reminds one of the bar scene shown in the first Star Wars movie when Luke went to find Hans Solo……

Obviously, we enjoyed our visit tremendously. I can not wait to get back again. I hope that this gives you some more info for your book/newsletter. I hope to get some pictures scanned, but right now am having trouble finding a scanner as my friend who had one moved away. I’ll be glad to send you some pics if you would like them as soon as I find a scanning source.

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