The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, most of them totally uninhabited and 2,500 not even named! Stretching from the South of China to the tip of Borneo, the Philippines is the most unique country in Asia. A diverse culture, that began with a Malaysian-Indonesia-Chinese mix, a Spanish heritage – from Magellan conquest in 1522, the acceptance of the American way of life from early occupation in the 1900’s, and ended with the long dominance of the Japanese.

Today, the Philippine people have assimilated foreign cultures and blended them into their own, to create one distinct from any other in the world! Even though there are over 70 ethnic groups with around 90 different local dialects. The Philippines are tropical Pcific islands that was part of America. From America comes a flair of the English language and a premium for education and democracy. In fact, the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world with over 80 million inhabitants! It has world class facilities and services, excellent accommodations, superb dining, modern shopping centers, great natural wonders, some of the best beaches in the world and the most gentile people in the world. All Filipino’s are happy spirited, with a sincere, gracious, and hospital attitude toward their fellow man and especially foreigners. Oh, did I mention, here ones finds the most exotic and beautiful women in the world, all speaking English and waiting to meet an American man. More on this in a moment.

Makati Mall

Greenbelt 3 is the heart of Manila’s CBD. It’s a perfect place to meet Filipinos singles and get in touch with the dating community

As for the climate, just picture Hawaii but with enticing Asian girls. There are three seasons and the transition is very gradual: wet from June to October, dry from November to February, and the hot dry season March to May. Try and avoid Christmas and American or Chinese New Year, this is when hotel rates soar and space is limited!


There are many hotspots fror nightlife in Manila. One of them being the bars of Burgos Street where party happens until 7 am.

There are many flights from the states to Manila, the capital, and it is served by 28 international airlines, including the national carrier — Philippine Airlines. PAL has the only direct, non-stop flight and if you can afford first class you’ll arrive ready to party. It leaves Los Angles at 9.00 P.M. and you’ll wake up in the Philippines in time for breakfast. The best American carriers are Delta and United, check those Sunday travel section newspaper ads for the latest discount prices! Remember, even though you are 15 hours from Los Angeles, you now are only four hours from Tokyo, three hours from Soul or Bangkok, two and a half hours from Singapore, and one and a half hours from Hong Kong. This is the perfect base to explore Asia. Your airline will have multi-destinations specials. An extra option is the new international airport in Cebu, which has direct flights to Hong Kong, Japan, Bangkok and Singapore. More information is available in our “Philippine tropical islands article.”

From Manila the next vacation spot in row: Boracay Island.

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